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      Why collection with soul?

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        BELT BAGS

        For boho summer dresses

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        We are mindful of how we may affect the environment.

        We care about who we partner with. 

        We focus on sustainability by sourcing excess leather stock from renowned Italian factories designed for major brands that were unable to utilise the stock.

        By using  surplus materials we reduce the environmental impact caused by the leather tanning process.  

        We turn a leftover into a durable product.

        We manufacture locally in Poland and make sure each NOWIŃSKA bag conforms to fair trade principles

        We reuse surplus leather which was produced by renowned Tuscany tanneries.

        Our bovine leather is a byproduct of the meat and dairy industry. Our vegetable tanned leather avoids the use of toxic substances like chrome VI and our hardware is also made from low-lead natural brass.

        We offer free product care  services like repairing or cleaning on all our products.

         We support local communities.

        Our handbags are made in limited quantities by a small factory in Poland and our straw bags are handwoven by women from Sarawak in Borneo.


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        N JOURNAL

        • April 07, 2020 I relaunched my brand during pandemic. Am I crazy? 🇵🇱
          I relaunched my brand during pandemic. Am I crazy? 🇵🇱

          Wznowiłam moją markę w czasie pandemii. Czy jestem szalona?

          Strategię i odświeżenie marki NOWIŃSKA przemyślałam i przygotowałam przed wybuchem epidemii. I wiecie co? Kiedy świat nagle wywrócił się do góry nogami, stwierdziłam, że obecnie nic bym nie zmieniła, nie dodałam na stronie żadnej linijki tekstu, niczego nie zmieniłam, ani nie nagięłam pod obecną sytuację. To tylko jeszcze bardziej utwierdziło mnie w przekonaniu, że to co robię ma sens i płynie prosto z serca.

        • April 01, 2020 I started my YouTube channel for women 🇨🇰/🇵🇱
          I started my YouTube channel for women 🇨🇰/🇵🇱

          Yay, I am a YouTuber!

          Funny enough, me being a YouTuber sounds like a joke. I am not technical, I am not a computer geek, and I am introvert. But I had a dream to empower creative women by sharing inspiring stories to show that we all struggle at times and we are not alone in or challenges. I had a chance to encounter these wonderful women on my way somewhere around the world. 

        • March 14, 2020 I don’t feel bad about reinventing myself 🇨🇰/🇵🇱
          I don’t feel bad about reinventing myself 🇨🇰/🇵🇱

          How can we adapt to new circumstances in the virus reality?

          I happened to find myself in completely new circumstances many times in the past. I’ve been moving around a lot and easily stepping out of my comfort zone. However, the biggest challenge I faced so far in terms of major lifestyle changes was moving from Warsaw to Shanghai in 2012.

        • January 23, 2020 Can leather go green? 🇵🇱
          Can leather go green? 🇵🇱

          Czy skóra może być eko?

          Jaka jest różnica pomiędzy skórą naturalną a eko skórą? Ta pierwsza to często tzw. „by product”, czyli odpad innych gałęzi przemysłu, ta druga jest zazwyczaj wykonana z plastiku, najczęściej poliuretanu, PVC lub poliestru, czyli nie biodegradowalnych materiałów będących pochodną ropy naftowej.