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What's my story?


My journey began many years ago while living in Italy
when Lira was still the Italian currency.
I have a bit of nostalgia for times when espresso cost 1000 Liras.
I remember wandering the cobblestoned alleys of Florence
and being awed by the many artisans, each creating works of art
in the form of the simplest everyday objects such as brooms or small accessories. I was bitten by the bug of the dying art of craftsmanship and since then I started creating the passion of my life.


I settled back in Warsaw and founded my own brand in 2005.
I set up my own manufacturing workshop and failed at first but didn’t give up.
I have always been passionate about leather craft and making bags which originates from my time living in Italy.

I later had a chance to live in two more countries in Asia and I have taken something from each culture. My time in Shanghai inspired
environmental awareness and the determination to stay true to my commitment to small scale sustainable leather production. In Kuala Lumpur, where I have spent the last year, I saw the beauty of cultural diversity and came up with the concept of Purseology.

Created by woman for other women

Created by woman for other women


When it comes to my bags, my philosophy is to make beautiful and functional pieces.
I question the status quo by making sustainable luxury bags at affordable prices.
My intention is to bring you only the best quality bags that conform to fair trade
principles. I design timeless yet edgy pieces and pay extra attention to the finest details.

Each bag is handmade by select craftsmen in Poland using traditional methods.
All bags and accessories are made from the very best Italian leather which we source from surplus stocks from major producers. Some pieces are truly unique! We care about sustainability and try to make the world a better and more beautiful place. 

"Every bag has a story to tell. When I was living in China my routine day was one of constant change. I had to adapt like a chameleon. So it was in Shanghai that I first created a versatile design of 2-in-1 multi-functional bags."

Maria Nowińska